, Business Expansion Services


Business Plan for Expansion:

The business plan for expansion is slightly different than the normal business plan. The business plan requires that you forecast your existing operations and project your expansion project. In this particular case, you may need to develop two sets of assumptions.
We can assist you in the development of the business plan and assist you in finalizing the assumptions and developing a professional business plan for a variety of internal and external users.

Assistance in Fund Raising for Expansion:
We can assist you in developing the projected financial information and other related information for fund raising for your expansion plans.
Joint Ventures:

Sometimes, a project requires you to make joint ventures with other parties. We can assist you in carrying out analysis for joint venture and help you in developing the plan for such joint venture.

Strategic Alliances:

A business can grow by making strategic alliances with other businesses. We can help in developing the strategy for such alliances, financial analysis for such alliances, identify potential strategic partners and help you in the matchmaking process.

Transaction Support Services:

We provide transaction support services that include strategy development, business planning, financial modelling, assistance in equity and debt fund raising, corporate restructuring, project feasibility studies, M&A work and other associated work in relation to transactions.